"The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall." -N.M.

If we were inevitably able to only succeed in life, would we ever truly understand the meaning of our accomplishments? If we only ever had good times, would we know just how special the good times to be? We move heaven and earth to find the times that bring us happiness, but never stop to truly contemplate just what the importance of the bad times may be. People all around the world look to higher powers to rationalize our falls in health, social and economic status, and emotional woes. We pray and make offerings to gods to ask for forgiveness and favor. But was this what God or the gods were intended to be? Perhaps it is time for we the people of this earth to look inward and take a firm, hard stance against ourselves. Perhaps it is time for us to remember God may judge us, but only we are the only beings in charge of our actions. Accountability has seemed to vanish away, as has responsibility. I hear too much moaning and griping over what was never given, nor afforded to. When did we the people forget that we are all created equal? The Declaration of Independence opens with such famous words, but translation has been lost in the modern day adaptation of the "new" English language. A language filled with short cuts and acronyms. If nothing else, this itself is a pure representation of how some people have fallen into this misconception. The opening words of the Declaration of Independence does not mean we are owed, but given the equal right to work and earn.

Let us make a pact.. Starting today claim what it is you truly want in this world. Not with anger and resentment for not receiving a handout, but with honest hard work, dedication, and perseverance. You may fall, but remember, glory is bestowed upon those who overcome in the face of adversity.

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